Wave Slide

USI Italia has developed a wide range of professional infra-red bakers available with short or medium-quick waves that can be placed on carts or suspended above ultra-fast localised baking tracks.

To guarantee the best quality, short-wave bakers (which are notoriously more delicate) are equipped with pyrometer and laser pointer.

This way, even the less experienced operators will be able to perform their work without supervision.

Simply the best to work in business class!


USI Italia's P.T.C. (Paint Test Cabinet) is a special tool dedicated to the testing of samples to check colour correspondence where any overspray is extracted, filtered and eliminated.

The cabinet is equipped with shelves in the lower part and an air extraction fan in the upper part.  It is well-lit and equipped with 4 sets of glass filters in a cardboard frame, so they can be replaced easily.

Open Booth

With the new open booths, USI Italia designers wanted to have a little fun and develop solutions not necessarily for the automotive sector but for the crafts, carpentry, nautical and industrial sectors.

So far, we have installed over thirty booths worldwide and we have adapted them to the needs of their owners in terms of size and performance.