Air Station Ex

Air Station and Air Power Station Ex (the version with the interlocked socket) are the new built-in dust extractors, that can be installed on a variety of extractor machines depending on the work area and power needed.

The extractor is made up of the following elements:

Usi Lift 3500

Here is USI Lift 3500: USI Italia's brand new electro-pneumo-hydraulic lift equipped with extractable arms and pneumatically-operated control panel.

Centralised Dust Extraction System
  • Minden mvb-1100 dust extractor.
  • 12 minden energy modules 1 phase type em1.
  • 6 minden energy modules 1 phase and 3 phase type em3.

The System

the overhead system will be constructed in 110mm, 76mm and 60.3mm steel pipe using prefabricated steel bends and t pieces ensuring the required vacuum and air flow efficiency.

The pipes will be attached using suitable clamps and ties and will be finished in white.

The Plant