Fastech - Synchro

In the beginning, there was Fastech... Then Synchro arrived ... recently joined by state-of-the-art free standing indeed a numerous family.

The incredible USI italia multifunctional areas, i.E. The solution you were looking for to increase the productivity and quality of your work.

The selling point? First of all, flexibility - available in a wide range of set-ups (the standard ones are 70), from the most economical to the most complete, all of which can be assembled in a short time.

We can create a unique solution with a versatility you would not have thought possible based on average external temperature, exhaust type selected, the type of filters required by local regulations, the type of processing (sanding, application of bases or quick reparation work) or the operation mode (simultaneous with other collaborators or not).

Offering innovative working solutions which can be combined with a series of new useful accessories and tools such as:

Usi lift 3500
Air station ed air power station ex
Usi wave

From now on, there are no more excuses ... these booths have been designed and created with a single objective in mind: improve and accelerate your work at a price that will impress you.

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What inverters are for

Nowadays, many talk about energy efficiency, but few explain what it really means to use clean energy technology in spray plants. In the industry, around 70-80% of electrical energy consumption is caused by electrical motors.

There are three ways of reducing consumption caused by electrical motors:

  • Reducing energy dispersion in power transmission
  • Increasing motor efficiency
  • Improving its functioning

The best way to improve functioning is to change the number of revolutions according to the different applications, thus avoiding running the motor at maximum power when it is not required.

In fact, not all working phases need to run with the maximum airflow.

With our exclusive inverter management software, you can associate the correct airflow for each phase thus reducing consumption.

Inverters also reduce maintenance costs and noise levels and correct the load to a cos φ level near to 1 (typically 0.98), thus improving energy efficiency.

The small details that make work pleasant

Real progress is achieved when everyone can access technology. That is why we developed tronic touch pad - a small concentrate of innovation to provide all painters with the possibility of setting and recording multiple working profiles, each with its own phase sequence: do not loose time setting timings and temperatures each time and do not depend on settings pre-selected by producers.

Tronic touch pad enables you to save energy during preliminary operations.

While spraying, you can set the system to go on stand-by and slow down the motors after a period of down-time.

Tronic touch pad adjusts the pressure in the booth electronically by regulating the speed of the extraction motor. From now on, there is no need for valves to regulate the pressure.