Do you need to carry out work on aluminium and do you need a dedicated well-ventilated area of 28, 32, 35 or even 40 square metres?  Then we might have the right solution for you:

USI labs, areas where you can collect all the additional equipment necessary to work on aluminium and popular with Mercedes and BMW servicing centres worldwide.

Send an email to or call us: USI italia personnel is at your disposal to answer your questions and make you discover the best solutions to improve the quality of your work.



A strong design against contamination

Double-wall insulation, perfect seal

High-temperature powder-coated panels with double-wall insulation for a classy aesthetic finish and the perfect adherence against contamination. The panels also enable to reduce noise levels and keep the heat inside the booth.

Easy to install for unaltered value

The exclusive usi assembly system uses male/female joints and is ideal for easy installation: no need for screws, bolts, joint covers or welding operations. This also means that, should you decide to move to a bigger place or sell the booth, assembly and disassembly will not pose a problem. Our system was studied to be long lasting and retain its value.

Lighting without compromises

Large-area reflectors with xl fluorescent tubes prevent the formation of glare and shadows providing homogeneous light without altering the colour.

The combined use of high-efficiency fluorescent tubes and electronic ballasts reduces electrical consumption to a minimum (around 30% less than traditional systems).

Upon request, we can also install high-efficiency systems with a dimmable function tested by usi italia technicians in cooperation with the leading specialists in new lighting systems.